Flame the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Flame the Hedgehog series and SuperNathan10002 first Sonic OC, he has many titles such as "Flame Super, Flame in (Universe)". He has his own story in wattpad. He is friends with Two Tails, James, Crash, Thunder, Susan Rose, Star Butterfly, Flanic, Ethan, GreenMMOS and so many during his adventures!

SuperNathan10002 (talk) 00:10, April 26, 2016 (UTC)Just the guy who loves adventures! SuperNathan10002 (talk) 00:10, April 26, 2016 (UTC) Flame the Hedgehog


If not much, Flame's life was getting too boring for him in San-Mob. After hearing the news about going to Earth, he was ready for another adventures. King Combo trained him very well at the young age of 14-16, at that point. When Flame met Lord Lvo, he realize that he is the most powerful villian in the galaxy, sure Flame beat Lord Lvo 10 times thoughout the years. Flame has change and become a hero of all galaxy. After these years, he met Two Tails and James. Soon they became friends, with Flame having friends and having great adventure. Flame, and Two Tails discovered the Chaos Emeralds, James created the Chaos Emeralds and protects the Master Emeralds at any case. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Flame is known for his speed, he is a free skilled warrior that knows how to fight in combat and how to defeated his opponent. His speed is usually equel to his strength. His reflexes allows him to avoid/dodge light speed laser, and flying cars in a near second. He also possesses superhuman strength and superhuman durability. He can lift/push things several times bigger and heavier than himself, Flame has defeated Zensaurus in base form (who is as strong as Kid Buu and has Superman and Darkseid abilities, has a IQ of 7,000, which he was meant to defeated Flame!) It is safe to say that Flame is far more stronger then Goku and one of the top 10's strongest/fastest character in fictional! 


Flame's main abilitie type is his speed (Of course!!) he was called "the fastest thing in the universe" he can run beyond the speed of light! In Flame Super, he states that he is faster then time, light, sound, teleportation, death, instant transmission, and anything. Flame's speed is Instantaneous, he can use his speed to confused his opponent. He can also use his speed as offense and defense. Flame's speed can also heal himself by vibrating his body, he also have strong winds motion in hight speed. 

Techniques and movesEdit

He can perform the spin dash, homing attack, heat vision, the kame wave, and chaos control. He can use the Kaio-Ken, this techniques allows him to increase his strength, speed at high number. He can only reach at 15. When Flame gathered all energy and rings around the universe, he used this called "Spirit Kamehameha" this move is one of Flame's strongest move so far, this move is powerful enough to even kill Devil Big Cell (which he stated that he can destroyed the multiverse by absorbing it) With Chaos Control, which it can warp time and space, teleportation and many more, his heat vision can also turn into Golden Heat Vision. The Golden Heat Vision is powerful enough to slice off Juipter in 1% of his power, in his full power. It destructive capability of Golden Heat Vision is around Galaxy level.


Destructive Capability/Attack Potency: Universal level (Defeated Zensaurus Full Power in his base form in Flame in Gravity Falls with 5% of his power, which Zensaurus Full Power is as strong as Kid Buu, Kid Buu is Universal level) 

Speed: Instantaneous (Flame was able to outrun Black Zoom, Black Zoom has all of the speedsters abilities, Including Archie Sonic and the Flash. He states that he is faster then Instant transmission, death, time, light, sound)

Lifting Strength: Class P | 3.5 trillion tons in base form (Can lifted 3 small asteroids), Immeasurable in super form

Striking Strength: Galactic Class in base form (At least) | Universe Class in super form

Durability: Multi Galaxy level (Tanked a black hole made by hyper go-on energy without a scratch) | At least Multiverse level in super form

Stamina: Limitless (Can never get tried)





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